What is Congress doing?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Congress isn’t able to work together to pass legislation on just about anything, even though millions of Americans are counting on them. But this week, Congress has found the time to take up an issue that they should have no say in: voting on a voucher system affecting only Washington, D.C., schools.

Write your members of Congress urging them to oppose D.C. voucher legislation.

We oppose the D.C. voucher program for the reasons we oppose all voucher programs: because vouchers don’t work, and in a period where every dollar matters, public funds must be directed to public schools. Public schools, unlike private schools, are open and nondiscriminatory; they accept all students. Private schools can pick and choose which students to accept and may turn away students or families with greater needs. That is something our tax dollars shouldn’t support.

Urge your members to oppose a D.C. voucher program that hurts our public education systems.

The D.C. program has proven ineffective and lacks accountability to the citizens of the District of Columbia and federal taxpayers. Multiple studies by the U.S. Department of Education have concluded that the program is a failure, and the people we elect here in D.C. to govern our local issues have asked Congress to return this issue to local jurisdiction.

This is no matter for Congress. Urge your members to let the elected officials of D.C. handle this issue based on what our community needs.

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